Our People

We are

Volkswagen was founded with one enduring principle: great quality cars should be available to all. Our vehicles are a uniquely affordable luxury.

Every aspect of our business pursues the same perfection that our engineers have championed for decades – and made accessible to all. Our philosophy is summarised by ‘premium for the people’ and every person who is part of Volkswagen contributes to it. There are four important qualities that we value in our people, who are the foundation of our ability to offer unmatched value.


We are

Breakthrough thinkers

Our people are unafraid to challenge the status quo. We apply new ideas and won’t let tradition get in the way of doing things better.


We are


While we offer support and leadership for all of our employees, we believe in owning our work and accepting the highs and lows of responsibility.


We are

of customer 

Without people to buy and love our vehicles, we wouldn’t have the reputation we have today. We treat customers accordingly and offer care, value, education and ease.


We are


None of our roles can exist in isolation, so we make our work better by working together. We take advantage of the range in our experiences, backgrounds and personalities.